Application description

The computer-based application is used to setup the Home Anywhere system. It is also able like the mobile and TV applications, to interact with the home automation/alarm/CCTV system.

This application can only be installed on computer-based platform which includes desktop computer, laptops and enterprise servers.

To verify that the application works on your computer, please check the platforms page.

Installation procedure

1.Click on the installation link to the left.

2. The application needs the Adobe AIR runtime to work. If Adobe AIR is not yet installed on your computer, the system will ask you to download and to install the runtime. Click on 'Yes' to go on.

3. The downloading and installation of Adobe AIR can take several minutes. Please wait.

4. A confirmation windows pops up. Verify that the publisher identity is verified and click on "Install".

5. A configuration window pops up. Verify that the configurations are correct and click on "Continue".

6. Only if Adobe AIR was not previously been installed, the system asks you to accept the terms of use. Read the terms and click on "I Agree" to continue.

7. Please wait while the application is installing.

8. The application is installed and ready to be used.